February 20, 2008

Before and After

We recently decided to put in wood floors. January, we were given the oppourtunity to do so, and since the baby will be here soon, we wanted to get them put in as soon as possible. Now they're done! I think it was the fastest home improvement ever.

Wednesday, February 13, carpet was riped out.

Floors were put in on February 14 and 15. This was our Valentines Day. We will have a date another night.

Saturday they put in the quarter rounds and called it a day. Sunday, we were happily back into our home.

February 13, 2008

Ben's Haircut

Over the weekend, Ben asked me a question that I had not been asked for a long time. "Would you like to cut my hair?" Wow. I have not been asked that since I lived at home. In fact, I remember the last time exactly. I was a junior in High School(1998), and my brother Jed asked me for a haircut. Well, I think that I may have asked him if I could cut his hair since it was getting really long and curly. I told him that if I just cut the ends a little bit, that his hair would be more curly and look healthier. After agreeing that I would only cut a little, I began to snip. After a while, about an hour, I couldn't seem to get the ends even. I was just going about it my own way. Faithfully I continued, pretending to know what I was doing. After another hour, Jed heard me say the word that no one should ever say when you are cutting hair!!
"OOPS!" Jed, having been patient enough, just sat there waiting for me to say something else besides "OOPS." After the couple of hours of me trying to cut his hair and Jed just waiting patiently for this torture to finish, I ended up just using the buzzer and buzzed his head. And after all of that, Jed said, "THANK YOU!!!" Can you believe that, "THANK YOU!" Jed, you are so kind and wonderful. Thank you for being so patient and loving with me. Now, back to cutting Ben's hair. I think that he may have forgotten that whole episode or I just conveniently for got to tell him. Whatever the case was, it was a successful cutting. Ben's hair looks amazing and as always, so does he.

February 5, 2008

Family Fun

Anderson Family in front of our very own Sacramento Temple

Grammy Stout and Wesley

Here are some fun pictures of Christmas and family. We enjoyed being home and in the company of our family and friends.

Uncle Jedediah and the Baby Anderson Cake that we made!!