July 29, 2008

4 Month Check up

I think that I worry to much. Always before Aeden goes in to the doctor, I always worry that he is not getting enough, that he is starving to death, and has croup and is going to die from his shots. Course, none of this is ever true, just the paranoid mother, the new mother worries. So we went to the doctor to find out that everything is fine. Well better than fine.

I was curious to know his weight, thinking he wasn't getting enough, that he might still be hungry and if I should start supplementing with formula, rice cereal...etc. We put him on the scale to read 19.5 pounds!! Wow, I thought that he was getting heavier! Now he is entering into the 95% for height and weight. The nurse was very impressed and that mothers milk was cream. Relieved and ecstatic about his weight, I began to worry about the shots. Having such huge thighs, the nurse was not really concerned for Aeden. After his first one, he wined a little but then was distracted by the twirling dolphin hanging from the ceiling. The last shot seemed to hurt him the worst, but I quickly took him to the nursing room where he calmed down almost immediately. I could not believe it. The doctors appointment that I had been so worried about, so anxious, was over! It was a wonderful visit. Thank you Aeden for being such a good big healthy boy, and Liberty Pediatrics. We love them.

July 27, 2008

Sparklers and Slugglers

Sparklers and Slugglers? Can any one guess. These are the names that we can up with for the different types of fireflies. Here in Michigan, we have the slugglers. The flies have a long slow light that normally gradually fades off and last a little over a second. Beautiful and love them. However, when we were down in Indiana, visiting a friend, Taryn, we noticed that she had both types of fireflies. The sparklers and Slugglers. Some flies would have a longer light, and some would be very sort, very fast. Enjoying these little bugs, I love watching them come out as they light up the darkness wherever they go.


Here are some pictures of Aeden. He is getting very big, which we as parents are very proud.

July 11, 2008

Aeden has been a very good boy. Here are some pictures from about a month ago. Man alive, time flies by. These pictures were taken from one of my friends. She is so talented. If you would like to see more of her work visit http://annmariephotography.blogspot.com/. Thank you Ann-Marie!!