January 16, 2010

17 Again

I was just lounging on the couch tonight waiting for Telia to look at me. She was doing laundry. I had pulled my t-shirt up just above my belly button to expose a vulgar post-holiday abdomen.

She never looked.

Oh well, life is good. Today I finished part II of the National Dental Board Exam (NDBE II). That last sentence makes it sound easy, but the truth is I have spent the better part of the last month studying for it and am praying retro-active prayers that I pass. If you don't believe in retro-active prayers you can send up a few pro-active petitions for my North Eastern Regional Board on Tuesday.

We have been talking a lot about New Mexico lately. And Redbox. As fate would have it there are actually 2 RedBox locations in Gallup, New Mexico. We believe it is a sign.

Yesterday, my friend and missionary trainer Resh Jeffries sent me a message on Facebook saying we need to catch up. It has been years. I enjoyed looking at pictures of him and how his family has grown since last time I saw him. Which reminds me of how rich I have been to meet so many interesting and remarkable people over the years. Some exude cool, others unbelievably capable. Some totally loyal. I have been really blessed.

Lastly, I watched the movie "17 Again" last night. It might have changed my life. Not because Zack whatever his name is looks just like my friend Kyle Poulter in sunglasses, but because it reminds me to live in the present.

So, while I will be turning 30 shortly after graduation, I still feel young and am so grateful for my blessings right now. Especially my family. With that, I think I will get up off the couch and try to chase down my 17 year old phsique.