May 29, 2008

May is for Mother

Mother's Day is in the month of may and I wanted to just highlight my mom. I was going through pictures the other day and realized again, that I love my mom. As you can see by the pictures she always looking to have a good time.

She was always eating ice cream (JK) and stayed beautiful and tan.

She always likes to get dressed up in her best clothes and greet people. Very friendly.

She like to take glamour shots. Who knew. Well, to be honest, I think she did that just one time. But it have been remembered!

She was always hip and the styles always followed her. As you can say, "She is a trend setter."

She loves my father and they have been the best parents for me. I love you mom.

May 16, 2008

2 Month Check-Up

Aeden had his check up yesterday. We are happy to report that Aeden weighed in at 13 pounds 3 ounces!! And he measured 24 inches!! That put his height and weight into the 90th percentile and his head into the 75th percentile. It was a great check-up until he had to get his shots which was very sad for Aden and especially Mommy. Today, we think he is feeling better and has forgiven us because of all his smiles. That makes us feel better, especially since we will be traveling tomorrow!! California, here we come.

Germy Germ Heads

We are all sick with runny noses and sore throats. Even Aeden has been working through some upper respiratory tract congestion.

While Telia's bouncing step is temporarily stymied (except if she's running for the Kleenex box), let it be known that we are NOT beaten by this cold! In fact, the Anderson household has set the terms of its offensive strike on the insidious germs that have dared to desecrate its holy walls.

Anderson 6 Point Strategy (to annihilate the microscopic badguys that have us sniffling)

1.) Strict bedrest for the duration of 0800 of 5.16.2008 to 0800 of 5.17.2008

2.) Vitamin C and insane amounts of water. Since its a water soluble vitamin that is easily metabolized, we are going WAY overboard on the RDA. Can you say 10,000% of the recommended daily value? We are bolstering our immune response with the likes of "Emergen-C" "500 mg tabs" and "copious amounts of orange juice" (don't worry, we don't have a history of gastric/peptic ulcers)

3.) Echinacea. Let it be the tea we drink and the capsule we take 6x daily!

4.) Frequent handwashing. Don't worry we have plenty of hand lotion to protect against dryness and cracking.

5.) Soup on the 2 hr interval. Chicken noodle, Beef n' Veggie, Veggie, Lentils and Organic chicken noodle.

6.) Puffs tissues with Vicks scent. Simply the best. They are so good they will make you wish you were sick.

We are confident that our 6 point offensive will adequately prepare us to meet the upcoming challenges of cross-country travel that imminently await us ... please keep us in your prayers as our immune systems catch up with our aspirations.

For a more personal account of this battle, please check out my site by either clicking on "Ben" in the left hand column of friends or following this link:

May 10, 2008


Today Aeden and I saw a Cardinal. We were coming back from a friends home where we had a delicious breakfast. As we were making our way back home, enjoying the beautiful sunshine and warm weather, my eye quickly caught a glimpse of a bird flying across the road. It caught my eye because of the amazing color, Tomato Red. As I looked more closely, it was a Cardinal, just beautiful! The Cardinal played in the near by branches and sang as he flew from branch to branch. Unaware that his audience was in awe of his presence. It was a wonderful day.
I have now only seen 4 Cardinals in Michigan and can remember every spotting, perfectly. These birds are our favorite.

May 9, 2008

Talking, talking, talking

All day yesterday, Aeden was just talking and talking and smiling!! It is so fun to see him change and just be so aware of what is going on. He just likes to be with everyone and be included in what we are doing. It is so much fun to watch him grow.

May 5, 2008

Happy Aeden, Happy Daddy

Aeden is alive and well. He is really the best baby ever. He eats lots, sleeps lots, and smiles a ton. Eating: During the day he eats and eats. Sometimes he will want to nurse ever 2-3 hours. Which is wonderful. I let him. If he wants it, he will get it. Sleeping: Sometimes during the day, he will be up most of the hours. However, at night, he has been sleeping more into the 7 to 9 hours of sleep. It has been wonderful. I have been able to wake up in the morning and get a lot done, before he even wakes up. Sweet Ben has also even watched him in the mornings so that I could start working out. I ran three times last week, amazing. It felt wonderful. Loved it. Now about smiling. He is starting to smile a lot now. More so in the mornings. He will smile at his daddy and mommy. We just will watch him all day. Aeden is a blessing in our lives.

CHI irons and Make-over

Thanks to Kara Barber, we had a little make over at my home. She worked her magic and helped me with my hair and makeup.
I feel that I have many different talents, but make-up/hair is not one of them. So I am always amazed by people who know how. In fact, growing up, my sister, Sierra, would always help me and do my hair and make-up. She now lives in Utah, so I need help. Thanks to kara, I am hopefully on my way to have a little more style. Plus, the CHI things are amazing. In fact, I am looking to buy one, so if anyone knows a good place, let me know. These are some pictures of the results. Enjoy.