May 4, 2010

Ann Arbor Bird Stories

This morning I watched two doves glean seeds from our rock bed, then preen themselves for an hour. Their tail feathers fold up like Chinese paper fans when they are on the ground (except one has shorter tail feathers...). So I waited for the birds to take flight, wondering if their unfolded feathers really look like the "dovetail" shape used in woodworking and dentistry. They do.

A few weeks ago Telia and I witnessed a heart rending saga of two ducks. As many of you may know, ducks are faithful mates. Sadly, this story begins with a female duck just hit and killed by a car. Traffic dodges her body because her mallard companion will not leave her side. Finally, a good Ann Arbor citizen moves the body to a hedgerow just off the road. Still, the mallard sits by his companion's side. Weeks pass. Neighbors began to talk about "the duck." Walking home from the bus stop, I occasioned to see the mallard flying back to his companion. As the days went on we saw the mallard less frequently. He had flown on and I was glad.

Of all the feathered host, cardinals are our favorite. This is a little embarrassing to post publicly, but Cardinals are a symbol of our love. [Long story omitted] To us, they are beautiful and rare compared to other dime-a-dozen birds. It also warms our hearts to frequently see the bright red male cardinal with his female counterpart. We heart cardinals.

While making this post, I have listened to songs about birds and by bands named after birds.
We hope you are enjoying the new life of Spring where ever you are. Here are some pics from our recent life: