February 11, 2009

We are having a.................


Yesterday, Ben and I went to the doctors office just to hear them say that we were having a "boy" and to check the baby. I was sure it was going to be a boy. I did not have any sickness, I felt the same as I did with Aeden and I just thought I would have two boys. A majority of my friends have two boys so I thought that I would just join in their little groupie. As we were looking at the baby, and yes, there is only one baby, we were just waiting to hear the "boy" word. About 20 minutes into the visit, the lady asked if we wanted to know the gender of our child. Of course, the whole time I was making comments about our "he" child. So the lady casually asked us and we said yes. Well, you are having a "GIRL." I thought she was joking even though they don't really joke around. She then proceded to tell us that she could tell it was a girl almost the second she started the ultra sound. She said the baby had her legs open and it was very obvious it was a girl. Anyway, we are both very happy. A little surprised but we could not be any more content. We look forward to getting ready for this girl and meeting her sometime in June!