December 22, 2009

LIFE (Out of Control)

I've long been annoyed by individuals who give unsolicited and unabridged accounts of their lives, so I'll keep this brief: Life is good overall albeit very hectic and seldom dictated by my will. Aeden and Eliza animate our home with purpose, laughter, spit up, and diarrhea. Our days at University of Michigan are winding down as I grit my teeth and narrow my eyes at the last flaming hoops between here and graduation. My hairline continues to charge rearward. We are penciling a 4 year career with the Indian Health Service in New Mexico into our life planners. Cross your fingers for us.  Merry Christmas.


October 12, 2009

Welcome Fall

This is our 4th winter in Michigan and I am still nervous of what is coming. I guess that I'm just not ready to say goodbye to the summer.
Lots of things have happened since my last post. Eliza is now 3 months, but wearing 6 months clothes, Aeden started nursery, I have lost 15 pounds, Ben has lost 10 pounds, We (as in Me and the kids) went to Florida to visit my sister and her family, saw AJ and Angie, celebrated my mom's 60th Birthday, celebrated my brother Jed's birthday, met Eliza and Aeden's new cousin Eva, saw an Alligator and lots of dolphins and yes, they were in the wild. We miss all of our family and friends. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment. We love you.

August 18, 2009

Biggest Looser Competition!

My sister and I are starting a Biggest Looser Competition!! If you are wanting to join our group, let me know. We start on Monday, August 24!! There will be a $10 donation for every contestant and the winner will take all!!

July 27, 2009

July Fun

We LOVE Great Harvest

Eliza sleeping

Our Car-less kids

Sweet Aeden

Handsome Ben admiring A2 art fair

Sleeping through the A2 art fair

Our walk to Down town A2

Aeden loves Broccoli

Janie and Estee loving Eliza

He is such a joy!!

July 11, 2009

Eliza Jeanne

We would like to announce the birth of our new little girl!!

Eliza Jeanne
Born July 9, 2009
8 pounds 3 ounces
22 1/2 inches long

I had hit my week over due mark and had an induction scheduled. They were a little bit more reserved to have an induction for me since I was going to try and have a VBAC( Vaginal Birth after C-section). I was then sceduled to go into the hospital wednesday, July 8 around 7:30 p.m. I loved it!! It is so fun showing up at the hospital, receiving your wrist band and knowing that you are going to leave with a new baby. Everything was wonderful, I love the University of Michigan Hospital. I labored all night and into the day. As I dilated more and more I kept thinking to my self, "hey, I am really going to have a vaginal delivery. They aren't going to stop me. Yes!" I was very excited to make it to the pushing stage, a stage I never made it to for Aeden since he was a c-section. So I was happily entering new territory with this experience. I pushed for an hour, which was really hard. I had no idea that it was going to be that hard and painful!! But with Ben's help, I made it though and our little Eliza was born at 3:11 in the afternoon. It was a beautiful experience to hold her immediately, especially since it took them 45 minutes to stitch up my 3rd degree tear. The doctor said that he had never seen a child come out with BOTH SHOULDERS at the SAME TIME!!! Yes, it was pretty painful but Eliza was worth every stitch. Thank you so much to my mom who was able to watch and spoil Aeden while we were in the hospital.

July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!!! This is one of my favorite holidays. Today, Ben wasn't feeling well so Aeden and I had an all day date!! It was so wonderful. I love hanging out with my boy! Thanks for the fun day!

Ben's first Sparkler experience. We made a mega Sparkler, 6 at once. Very dangerous(it was awesome), don't try it at home!

July 2, 2009

A good day to have a baby!

I am 2 days overdue and am hoping to have the baby soon. Ben leaves to do a externship in Northern Michigan on Monday, so it would be nice to have the baby before then. I don't want to put pressure on her to come, but I do hope she comes soon. While we are waiting, here are some more pictures. Ben has this week off (No school or patients!!) so we are just enjoying our time.