September 20, 2007

U of M vs. Notre Dame

Saturday was an amazing day of football. University of Michigan played Notre Dame. And we destroyed them (sorry Zach). I do have love towards ND (my brother went there) and would normally cheer for them if they were playing any other team besides Uof M. But, It was so nice to see Michigan win. I think that it was good for the team, the die-hard fans, and just the city. Football is like a Saturday religion. If things aren’t going the way they should be, people loose faith, they doubt and become unsure of who they are. I think these feelings are temporary because people will still know that they “Bleed Blue.” It was an exciting day and I felt grateful we could share it with my parent. Good luck U of M.

The Heartbeat

One of my favorite sounds now in the whole entire world is the sound of our little baby’s heartbeat. Yes, we are pregnant!!!!!!! It was hard to believe in the beginning, especially since you cant really feel the baby, although you begin to have all of the symptoms of being pregnant. Tiered, hungry and of course emotional, these are all great things to have. I have been reading every book they have on pregnancy and have come to this conclusion. Whatever happens, bring it on and I am grateful. You only are pregnant for 9 months (per child), and how I want to enjoy every minute. It is a surreal experience knowing that you have a little spirit from god that is sharing your body. And the motherly instinct comes to protect and do anything for that baby.
So I wanted to share that I love being pregnant and am grateful for this opportunity to bring a little spirit into this world. The doctor said that everything looked great. We are healthy and happy. Hopefully next time we cant record the heartbeat and let you all hear. We love you all.

September 9, 2007

Waxing Teeth

This week has been fun and exciting. Telia is still working lots and lots while Ben is in school 24-7. He started about 4 weeks ago and has been in full throttle ever since. He took his first huge test last week and scored a 93%!! Amazing!! He is continuing to wax different teeth, which consists of making an exact replica of a tooth using only wax. I have tried this and it’s a lot of fun but takes talent learning to use the different temperatures to properly manage the wax. He is also continuing to lead and manage SPDL (Scholars Program in Dental Leadership). He thrives on using his creative mind and thinking up different ideas about how to make this program successful and enjoyable for his fellow classmates.

My parents are coming into town this week and we are thrilled to have them here. If anyone wants to come visit, you are always welcome to stay at our home.