October 31, 2010


Aeden circles the true meaning of Halloween

Our October Zuni social life overfloweth. So many parties, so many treats. How is that not a good time?

Aeden and Ellie dressed up as a pirate and shark, respectively.

Last night was the branch trunk-or-treat. The young men were en-charged with pumpkin carving and the pinata---the biggest hits of the night. Telia and I also entered the chili cook off and cake auction. It was a lot of fun. My greatest surprise was the pinata itself. I have been constructing it since last week, hoping every moment that it didn't break before the kids actually hit it. It was made of some flimsy scrap cardboard, four twisted coat hangers, one layer of paper mache, 200 feet of hand cut crepe paper and a small amount of duct tape. It was under engineered and liable to spontaneously spill its contents.

It literally took a beating from twenty kids before it shewed forth its candy. Exclamation point for me!

I heard that Zunis will trick or treat all night. I also heard that the adults trick or treat. We shall see.

Anyway, things are starting to cool off. We have two electric radiators we move through the house to keep it warm. We are doing everything to not use propane to heat the house. Some of my colleagues report paying up to $600.00 a month in propane to heat their homes during the winter. That is madness. These homes are poorly insulated, built on a slab overlied with thin linoleum tiles without a wood burning stove or a fire place. It makes me wonder if the gas companies paid off the contractor.

I spoke with an alternative rental agency on Friday about getting into a smaller place on a raised foundation with a wood burning stove, for less money. The hospital uses its political flex to restrict these better insulated homes to physicians, but I plead my case. I pulled out all the stops and perhaps, by grace itself the rental agent finally relented and conceded to reserving a home for our family. She said it would take about 6 months to renovate, which in Zuni time I translate as about 8-10 months. Either way, this is a huge answer to our prayers.

The trade off is giving up our spacious rez mansion and, regrettably our chickens. I have already identified a lucky family in the branch who will be the recipients of a lovingly built coop, two roosters and four hens.

As for the other renovations provided by my father-in-law Tracy, I will take them with us. All of them --- the gravel, the fencing, the playhouse, everything. I will figure out a way. In the mean time however, we will continue to live in the abundance of our cold and spacious luxury home.
Aeden summons a disinterested hipster pirate face. 

"I can see you!" Our harvest display

Aeden paints the pumpkin pinata with a satisfied artsy smirk.

Ellie musters the spirit of a Great White Shark

Ellie looks like a shark cherub on a swing
Showing off the finished pinata. Notice the crepe paper. Please.

Aeden & Ellie at the Bandera Ice Caves


Darlene Anderson said...

Love the photos and news of your life....it's all so good! Thanks for sharing.

Laurie Wilcox said...

How do you like the rural life?!? We may follow suit in the next year... Brandon really likes being a rural dentist. We shall see. I just have to figure out if I can survive driving about an hour to do any real shopping. How do you like it Telia? It sure looks like a fun life for the kiddos! Ben, way to go on the massive pinata! That is a lot of work. We made a much smaller heart shaped princess one for Isabelle's 5th birthday.. and suffice it to say, I won't be doing that again! I am so impressed with the one you made!

Curt and Naomi said...

Crepe paper noted. But I must say the picture below it made me choke up. It must be the background tunes too. I blame music. It moves me. Happy to hear about your new changes for the better! Hugs!

steveandjonelle said...

I can't believe how grown up your babies are! So cute!