October 3, 2010

Hippies and Saints

The pies. Made from real farmers market pumpkins. Mmm-mmm.

This weekend has been wonderful. The kids are almost better.

Friday we went hiking over 3000 year old lava beds and explored Pie Town, NM.

Saturday, we went to the Ramah Harvest Festival, where Telia entered a pie contest and won first prize for her pumpkin pie. It was a lot of fun. Some hippies were selling this incredible Apple Green Chile Jam. I am wondering what life was like before.  We bought a jar.

Refrigerators are the best place for 1st place
After inspecting the hens and roosters there, we once again are wondering at the gender of our largest chicken: Olga or Dick? We still don't know, but now we are leaning toward Olga.

Today we have been listening to podcasts of General Conference due to our dial-up-esque bandwith. It is so slow. We will probably finish General Conference some time this week. So far, it is amazing and basic.

Also, I found a really cool spider that made a very intricate web with extremely strong silk. I think she is some sort of Orb weaver. Olga ate her up in two bites. Sorry, no picture.

Tonight for dinner we are having pumpkin pudding and butter biscuits with the apple green chile jam. Yum.

Literally 5 people walked by, looked at the kids, looked at me and said, "Well, now I guess you've got to get a bunny."
Our General Conference set up.


marti said...

How fun! Beautiful pies, yummy!

Brooke Trogdon said...

love all the pictures and your cute kiddos. Thank you for not sharing the creepy spider picture, I'm sure all of us are better off not seeing it. A BIG Congratulations to Telia and her awesome pumpkin pie and maybe you can send a jar of the apple green chile jelly our way?

Love you lots!

Darlene Anderson said...

Beautiful pies, love the first place ribbon smack dab in the center of the fridge for all to appreciate, hippies and their creative jam, precious babies and bunnies and a hen named Dick... Life is so good.

General Conference and there is your beautiful wife writing impressions and notes in her journal....Ben, you hit the jackpot when you married Telia!!

New Mexico is being very, very good to you.