January 4, 2012

Anderson year of Twenty Eleven in Review

Wow, It has been forever! I can blame my lack of posting on lots of things including our really slow internet out here in the country, but lets just get down to business.

Look back into some of the highlights of the fabulous year of 2011

Lots of cold and snow. We had wonderful egg laying chickens that the kids just love to play with. We were getting ready to and were excited to have a baby. Lots of hiking as you can read from our last post of over almost a year ago.

Still were getting ready to have a baby. Then we decided to move two weeks before my due date. Lots of fun. Got settled in. Had to leave our chickens. Very sad about that.
We love our new home and most especially the wood burning stove. We keep the house at about 80 degrees and love it.
Most importantly, we welcomed Emeline Sarah into our family! Born February 18, all natural by accident and I Love it. Not really, but it was fun after she was born. We love her, she is beautiful, healthy and is a very easy, happy girl. Also, we paid cash for a new (to our family) 2010 Toyota Sienna. We love it.

We celebrated Aeden's 3rd birthday. He had been potty trained for about 4 months and is a master at the toilet.

We made a family road trip to Utah and were able to witness our wonderful friends, the Claunches, seal there family in the Salt Lake City temple. It was beautiful. Loved seeing my brother Jed and lots of Bens family, and life long friends. It was wonderful. Loved showing Ben around Moab and traveling in our new van. Ben thinks it is a time warping machine because it makes trips that used to seem like 8 hours in the car feel like 4. Love it.

Celebrated Ben's 31st birthday. Danced around, had fun and had a surprise date.

Celebrated Telia's 30th birthday. Went on a surprise date as well and loved it. It is great to have some time with my love. Enjoyed the summer. We took lots of trips to ABQ to visit Telia's parents as well as her sister Sierra and her whole family. We feel so grateful to have them close. We spent lots of time in the pool. Our kids would swim like little fish and dive in as soon as they saw the water. Oh, and we moved again, into a bigger home right next door. Really, next door!

Went to Silverton and Ouray, Co. with our dear friends the Johns and my wonderful sister Sierra's family. We camped out and saw a real steam locomotive and survived the 'Million Dollar Highway'! Celebrated Eliza's 2nd birthday, who is such a sweet, fun girl who just loves life. As well, we took a wonderful trip to San Diego, where we were able to spend some wonderful time with family. As a bonus, we were able to see our dear friends, Mike and Amie White.

Lots of rain. Lots of yard work. Finished our new back deck and a huge flagstone patio. My dad got us a new family member from the local farmers market. A new beautiful little Bunnie, Captain. He only lasted a few weeks. We also have lost MANY pairs of shoes due to the high number of res dogs that come by and take them. Chew them up then leave them in the street. Really annoying. We have really lost about 13 pairs so far!

Made a family trip up to St. George, Utah, where Telia ran in the Red Rock Relay with lots of her girl friends, life long friends from college. Loved St. George and the drive up there.

Telia took a trip to California to see family, her brother Zach and his wonderful family who has since moved back to the bay area. While she was there, she ran in the Nike Women's Marathon were she completed her 3rd marathon with her wonderful friend, Naomi. And love it.? Ben wants to do one with her next year. We are looking forward to that.

We were able to see Ben's mom and dad was we met up with them in Sedona, Arizona. Loved seeing them and it was knock out gorgeous. Great to see family! We hope we can see them again soon. Took a trip up to Taos, New Mexico, where we fell in love again with all of the beauty around us. Enjoyed having Telia's parents with us as well as some of the most amazing food.
Spend a wonderful Thanksgiving with Telia's family as well as some wonderful friends. Loved the food, loved the company. We worked off the calories by immediately going to cut down a Christmas tree on the rez. It was a beautiful Pinon. We had 7 pies for dessert.

Finally got a new family camera after 8 months of the year, sans camera. We loved the colder weather. Loved starting fires in our wood stove. Loved the time with family in ABQ. Loved the time to study about the birth of Christ. Loved receiving Christmas cards from family and friends. Loved the decorations. Loved the season of giving. Loved giving presents to our children. Love who excited they were about Christmas. Loved the season of Christ.

We love you all and hope that we can see lots of our friends and family in this new year of 2012.


Sharon said...

Thanks for the update Andersons! We love your family and am so happy your doing so well!

An said...

Great post! Thanks for giving us a review of the year! Love you!!!

Darlene said...

It's fun to read the synopsis of your year and am struck by how quickly time "tick-tocks" past!! The kids are growing so quickly!! We love you all so much and look forward to the time when we can get together again!!